Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Co-founder of I3MS speaking at the colloquium of the MHRS

Unfortunately, Florence Curtis will not be able to attend tomorrow's session of the I3MS, but there is a very good reason for her absence: she will be giving a paper at the 22nd Colloquium of the Medieval Hispanic Research Seminar at Queen Mary, University of London. Her talk is intitled "The Christian Aesthetics of Vision in the Libro de Alexandre" and it will deal with the influence of Christian imagery and interpretation of images over the structure of the Spanish late XIIth century work Libro de Alexandre and how this affects to the meaning as well as to the conception of the work.

I3MS would like to send its best wishes for her presentation and is very proud of having one of its participants taking part in such a prestigious event as the colloquium of the MHRS. More information about the event available at:
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