Sunday, 7 October 2012

New term, new I3MS?

Welcome back to all the participants in the I3MS!

We hope that the new academic year looks as good as the past one, and that the long vacation has been productive as well as relaxing for all of you. This term is full of challenges and you will need all your energy to cope with them.

One of the most immediate challenges this year is the future of the I3MS. As you probably know, we have experienced some problems finding speakers for our fortnightly sessions and attendance has been rather poor. This circumstances have made us think if we should not change the format of the seminar and reduce the number of sessions to either two (one on an Italian topic and the other on an Hispanic topic) or just one longer session per term. Please, express your views on this in the comments below or write to us at

Moreover, the current organisers are both in their last DPhil year and they do not think they will be able to devote as much time to the I3MS as necessary to keep it working at the current rate. Although the reduction of the number of sessions could be a solution, it is only temporary and passing the organisation over to other hands seems the most sensible thing to do. Therefore, we would like to know if anyone volunteers for this task Should you be interested in taking over the organisation of the I3MS, please send us an e-mail to as soon as possible.

The last and saddest possibility, but a solution as well, is to discontinue the I3MS. This is totally unfair for new graduates and for new students in general, however, interest on the seminar has reduced considerably. This could be taken as a sign that the moment of the I3MS has passed and maybe this is true, but we cannot help thinking that this would be a shame.

There will be a special session to discuss the future of the I3MS on week 2, time and place to be confirmed, but very likely at the same time and place the seminar has been taking place this last two years. In this session, you will have the opportunity to comment on the above options and even volunteer for taking over the organisation of the I3MS. Meanwhile, you can use this blog or the e-mail to express your views or contact us, or just express your interest in the I3MS.
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